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BEE HING DOORS ENTERPRISE, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been a leading door supplier since 1993, transitioning from the first generation to the second generation. Now celebrating 30 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Specializing in a variety of doors, from custom front doors to residential and entry doors, including beautifully crafted wooden front doors, we meet the diverse needs of our clients. All our products are manufactured and installed in-house, ensuring quality and reliability for homeowners and homebuilders alike.


Our Product

There A Many Different Types Of Doors

It is in terms of design, materials used and the installation requirements. Our company specializes in servicing these types of jobs which is why we are confident in delivering quality service each time.

Why Choose Us

Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons

Free Estimates

You don’t have to worry about checking out the damage on your sliding door and working to find a repair job to quote you. We deliver our service with a price quote along with the estimates for the job given to the owner beforehand.

Professional Repair Team

A professional team of repair specialists for sliding doors will always be on top of the repair or replacement service requested. They have the necessary skills to do proper sliding door services. We also have a team with a long experience doing these kinds of repair jobs.


Expert Service

Sliding doors can come in many forms such as glass sliding doors, patio doors, pocket doors, and closet doors which our experts provide solutions for you. The experts we send have the tools and equipment ready to deliver high quality services. They can do quick work of the problem and we always make sure that your door functions like it’s new.

Service Warranty

Our professionalism extends to providing our customers with a guarantee that our services are reliable. If we can’t deliver the service our customers expect, we have a free service waiting for them finally fix the problem.

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