Aluminium Toilet Swing Door

Aluminium toilet swing doors typically feature a lightweight and durable construction suitable for high-moisture environments like bathrooms. Here are some typical details:

1. *Material*: Constructed from aluminum frames and panels, which are lightweight yet sturdy.

2. *Design*: Swing doors open on hinges and usually come with a latch or lock mechanism for privacy and security.

3. *Finish*: They can be finished with various coatings or anodized finishes to resist corrosion and enhance aesthetics.

4. *Sizes*: Standard sizes are available, but custom sizes can also be fabricated to fit specific openings.

5. *Hardware*: Includes hinges, handles, locks, and other necessary hardware, often made from stainless steel for durability.

6. *Privacy*: Some designs may include features like frosted glass or solid panels to enhance privacy.

7. *Installation*: Typically installed on a frame or directly into a prepared door opening, depending on the specific design.

8. *Maintenance*: Easy to clean and maintain due to the materials used.

When selecting an aluminium toilet swing door, consider factors like size, privacy needs, and compatibility with existing bathroom decor and layout.